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EPD documents for two products of Molok Oy

Molok Oy is a pioneer in the waste management field, that designs and builds responsible Molok® waste management solutions for millions of people around the world. 30 years of operation Molok has grown into an international company whose products are known all worldwide.  The environment, cost and time-saving system is used daily by millions of people . The products are used in a variety of cultures with a total of more than 190 000 units. Today Molok® products are sold in more than 40 countries.

We conducted environmental product declarations (EPDs) for two waste bins produced by Molok: Molok®Domino 5 m3 and Molok®Classic 5 m3. Molok intends to use the EPD documents in customer communication to tell about the environmental performance of its products transparently, comprehensively, and reliably. EPDs are based on carbon footprint calculations previously conducted for the same products. 

EPDs were conducted following the latest EN 15804+A2 standard for construction products. In addition, product category rules of The International EPD System were followed. The EPD documents are verified by third party and they will be published at The International EPD® System platform.  

In addition to carbon footprint, EPD documents contain information about other environmental effects of the product and, for example, the use of the renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and materials. In addition, the waste information of the product from the entire life cycle has been reported. 

We have also calculated the organizational carbon footprint for Molok previously. EPD documents and carbon footprint studies are part of the company’s strategy to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.   

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