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S-Business received comprehensive information about the security of its service

S-Business is S Group’s customer program and a charge card for companies. The card is accepted in over 1800 S Group locations and S-Business cards are used for daily purchases in more than 44 000 Finnish companies. S-Business Oy is a subsidiary owned by SOK.

S-Business has introduced a new application form that utilizes an interface consisting of new elements and innovative technology. S-Business's development processes always include ensuring security, so in this case too, S-Business wanted to ensure that the implementation is secure. Etteplan Cybersecurity Team was a natural choice to carry out the security testing because there was already cooperation with Etteplan regarding the implementation of the new interface. 

The objective of the security testing was to verify security and identify potential issues of the S-Business’s application form along with recommendations for further security improvements. 

“With our technical know-how, we were able to show how the security procedure of S-Business’s service can be improved,” says Donnie Werner, Cyber Security Expert at Etteplan. 

Hacker mindset helps to identify the security issues

When it comes to security testing, Etteplan tries to operate like real hackers do. 

“Our job is to find the customer’s security problems before real hackers do. Just like the hackers, we are trying to think outside of the box and produce ideas how to use this product in a bad way. In the end it also raises the quality of the product because we often find some usability issues as well,” Donnie states. 

Etteplan provided comprehensive information about the service instead of just solving the technical issues

Through Etteplan’s security testing, S-Business is able to use their application form more securely. S-Business also received great awareness about the service and insight on how to focus on some testing areas that they can do themselves.  

S-Business’s Development Manager Lasse Syvänen says that the discussions and observations in the project also extended to the customer experience. 

”We have had a long collaboration with Etteplan, and one of the most important strengths of Etteplan is business orientation. In this project we experienced that in addition to technical security testing, the discussions and findings also extended to how safe the service feels, in other words to the customer experience dimension.” 

Lasse Syvänen

S-Business’s Development Manager

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