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Through security testing, Saarni Learning Oy keeps its customer promise about the security of its service

Saarni Learning Oy is a Finnish company established in 2001 that offers customers all-inclusive service regarding learning management systems, training and consulting. Saarni Learning is a well-known and respected service provider and producer of online learning platforms, whose services include Priima, Totara and Optima learning management systems. The offices are located in Oulu and Tampere, Finland. Security is important to Saarni Learning, and to guarantee the security of its services, the company organizes information security tests to its services, follow publications about security and update its services to correspond with new regulations.

Etteplan Cybersecurity Team performed security testing for Priima, the digital learning platform offered by Saarni Learning Oy. Saarni Learning finds it very important that customers’ confidential information, material and personal data are safe when using the service. Etteplan’s security testing helped Saarni Learning make improvements to the security of Priima and keep its customer promise about security of the service.  

The objective of the testing was to identify the potential security issues of the learning platform and help Saarni Learning understand the issues and their impact. Saarni Learning received recommendations and quidelines to fix the issues and maintain security. This provided awareness to the company about their service as well as insight on how to focus on testing areas that they can perform in development. 

Saarni Learning gained increased awareness of its service and how to maintain security

Etteplan’s security testing plans and the experience of the experts were convincing, which is why Etteplan was chosen to carry out the project. 

“Before the actual project we did some background research for Saarni Learning, provided them with new information which ultimately helped them choose Etteplan over other vendors. We like to look at things from a bigger perspective and provide information about the service and the possible issues that the customer necessarily may not be aware of,” says Donnie Werner, Cyber Security Expert at Etteplan.

”Etteplan’s experience in security testing showed in planning, implementation and reporting phases. Communication was open and efficient throughout the project. In addition, we received tips on how to maintain security."

Ville Juutinen

Production Manager at Saarni Learning Oy

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