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The corporate carbon footprint calculation and climate roadmap help VEO achieve its climate goals

VEO offers electrification and automation solutions for its customers. A large part of the company’s revenue comes from renewable energy solutions. VEO’s headquarters is in Vaasa, Finland and the company also has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, and the UK. VEO Group has 500 employees.

VEO has set strategic climate targets for its operations. For achieving these targets, it is crucial to understand carbon footprint related to own operations, as well as the ways to reduce the emissions. To monitor the carbon footprint, VEO has carried out emission calculation since 2016. For 2022 emission calculation, VEO’s goal was to develop and expand the calculation with the help of Etteplan.

"Thanks to the 2022 carbon footprint calculation provided by Etteplan, we were able to expand the scope of our calculation and obtain more accurate information about our own emissions. We were also able to separate the emissions for our units in Finland, Sweden, and Norway," says Kim Råholm, Development and HSEQ Director at VEO.

Climate roadmap helped outline measures to achieve emission reduction targets

Based on the corporate carbon footprint calculation, a climate roadmap was created to illustrate the actions for reducing the carbon footprint. The roadmap development began with Etteplan providing preliminary proposals for emission reduction actions.

After the delivery of the preliminary material, Etteplan organized facilitated workshops to work on the actual plan for emission reduction measures, their timeline, and responsibilities together with the key personnel from VEO.

Specific proposals for action to reduce emissions

The results of the corporate carbon footprint calculation provided valuable information about VEO's biggest emission sources, and with the climate roadmap, it became concrete what it would take to reach the set climate goal.

"Thanks to the project, we got an idea of the magnitude of actions we need to take to reach our climate goals. The preparation of the climate roadmap helped us understand, among other things, that the stakeholder cooperation plays a significant role in achieving emission reductions."

Kim Råholm

Development and HSEQ Director at VEO

As a result of the comprehensive project, roadmaps were also created for the product carbon footprint calculation and carbon handprint calculation

Additionally, Etteplan's versatile expertise opened up new perspectives on product-level carbon footprint and handprint calculation for VEO.

"Alongside the corporate carbon footprint calculation, and the related climate roadmap, the workshops also covered the product carbon footprint as well as the carbon handprint calculations, which provided VEO with a deeper understanding of different calculation methods and improved capabilities to manage its environmental impacts," says Lassi Leinonen, the product carbon footprint calculation workshop expert and LCA Project Manager at Etteplan.

At the end of the project, VEO received roadmaps for reducing the corporate carbon footprint, as well as promoting the product life cycle assessment and carbon handprint calculation.

"These roadmaps help VEO to progress also with product-level life cycle modeling and carbon handprint calculation. The purpose of carbon handprint calculation is to highlight positive climate impacts achieved compared to a conventional baseline product," states Maija Mattinen-Yuryev, Team Leader at Etteplan.

Råholm expresses satisfaction with the support received from Etteplan in VEO's sustainability projects. "Etteplan has strong expertise in sustainability matters and emission calculation. We have also started a carbon footprint calculation project with Etteplan for the year 2023."

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