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Asset Information Management

Take control of your valuable data and optimize operations with Etteplan AIM. Our comprehensive solution for asset owners streamlines information management for sustainable success.

Create Value with Outsourced Asset Information Management (AIM)

Etteplan recognizes the crucial role of effective information management in achieving sustainable success. That's why we offer Etteplan AIM (Asset Information Management) - a comprehensive service that assumes full responsibility for your project and asset information, ensuring the delivery of high-quality outputs and allowing your team to concentrate on what truly matters.

Through our approach, we empower you to take charge of your valuable data, streamline operations, and make noteworthy advancements.

Information Management

Etteplan AIM optimizes operations and takes control of valuable data for asset owners, ensuring high-quality outputs and sustainable success.

Coordination and Precision

With Etteplan AIM, rest easy knowing your important documents are organized, accurate, and accessible. Our team manages asset information with precision, empowering confident work and objective achievement.

Maintenance and Performance

Leverage our expertise in project and asset information management to streamline maintenance, reduce downtime, and enhance asset performance. Achieve cost savings with structured processes and ISO 55000 adherence.

Streamlined Asset Information Management for Data Accuracy and Accessibility

Are you aware of the whereabouts of your important documents? Is your information accurate and up to date? With Etteplan AIM, you can rest assured that everything is under control. Our dedicated team takes charge of coordinating and managing all relevant asset information on your behalf, guaranteeing data precision and accessibility. With instant online access to the information you require, you can focus on your work with confidence and achieve your objectives.

Comprehensive AIM Solutions for Streamlining Technical Information Management

Etteplan's AIM solutions encompass a range of comprehensive services tailored specifically to meet your needs. From optimizing project information management to enhancing operations and maintenance with asset information management practices, we have it all covered for you.

From construction and engineering capital projects to ongoing operations and maintenance tasks, Etteplan AIM empowers you to effectively oversee technical information throughout the lifespan of your asset. By leveraging our expertise in project and asset information management, you can streamline maintenance processes, reduce downtime, and enhance asset performance.

Our services cover critical areas such as capturing and organizing asset information, implementing structured information management processes, and proactively identifying issues to achieve cost savings. Adhering to ISO 55000 requirements and guidelines enables us to establish robust frameworks that facilitate efficient information management and enable organizations to attain their goals.

“The results have exceeded our expectations. We have been able to improve the quality of both the baseline data and our operations. Our process has been described and our operational chain is now faster and more reliable. Cost-savings are an added plus, as engineers no longer need to do extra work.”

Kari Luhtanen

Real Estate Manager, Finavia

Outsourced Asset Information Management

By outsourcing your asset information management needs to us, you can achieve cost savings while ensuring that your technical documentation evolves in line with future requirements. We continuously enhance our processes, methods, and tools to keep pace with the latest technological advancements in the field. This guarantees that the outcome is of exceptional quality and tailored to suit your organization's unique needs.

With Etteplan AIM, you can boost efficiency within your company. By streamlining information management processes, you gain transparency, cost efficiency, and compliance with international standards.

Our targeted services enhance collaboration, mitigate risks, and sharpen your competitive edge. Consequently, you improve operational performance and can concentrate on your core business activities. Contact us now to experience effective information management that drives operational excellence and significant impact for your organization.

Additional services

In addition to our asset information management services, Etteplan offers a range of additional services to support your business: