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3 claims about Application Lifecycle Management

It’s a well-known fact that the cyber security threats faced by companies and people, in general, are only growing with the ever-changing business and political landscape. This coupled with the rising expectations for user experience from consumers as well as business customers, ushers in a new era of application management.

In this new era, your application must be continuously kept up to date in terms of cyber security and proactively developed to keep the end-users happy. Standard IT service doesn’t cut it anymore. You need the right kind of partner.

Claim 1: “Companies should have an interest in keeping their systems and applications secure and up-to-date in terms of cyber security and usability”

The world is constantly evolving and so should your application. Everyday threats such as targeted cyber-attacks are aimed at stealing information and toppling systems, companies, and even governments. That’s why it’s important in system maintenance work that the technology libraries and the system in its entirety are kept up-to-date.

You have to take today's threats and risks into account in your application management,” says Tero Kivistö, Director of ALM at Etteplan. “Let’s not give abusers the opportunity to take advantage.”

Claim 2: “Whether it’s a company, a user or a consumer, expectations for user experience are higher than ever”

There are many examples of where a system needs to run 24/7.

“Factories, online shops, and for example banking services need to be available around the clock. This means you need to be able to maintain the system and react to failures or bugs instantly,” explains Tero, “Consumers expect that everything is on-demand.”

You should constantly monitor your system to identify vulnerabilities and make sure that the usability of the system remains at a high level.

“It’s like painting your house at regular intervals to keep it in good shape – it’s always the owner's responsibility to make sure it happens”, points out Tero.

Claim 3: “Basic IT support isn’t enough to maintain customers’ systems. They usually won’t even take a stand on the systems and related maintenance issues. This is often forgotten by customers.”

Luckily, a good partner can make sure that your system runs smoothly and you can rest easy knowing that your system is secure.

“A good partner is proactive, self-directed, comprehensive, makes things easier, and optimizes life cycle costs,” continues Tero.

Competencies such as user experience design, application development, and cyber security expertise are just some examples of competencies a good application life cycle management partner should be able to provide.

“Data-driven design is important in maintaining the user experience,” says Tero, “Collecting user data and feedback enables a truly user-centric application development and as importantly, application management.”

Etteplan offers you a holistic partnership that covers every corner of your application

We make sure that your application runs smoothly 24/7, and offer the necessary capabilities to keep it secure and up-to-date. We also proactively develop your system to maximize the life cycle of your application.

Our experts have served customers in a variety of domains. For example, vehicles and transportation, energy and fuel distribution, delivery, industrial machinery, and MedTech. You can get to know our capabilities from our wide range of references where application life cycle management has been part of the solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today!