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Hardware Test Managers Bring Cost-Efficiency and Quality to Product Verification Processes

Is Product Testing Giving You a Serious Headache? A Hired Hand Can Be Your Best Friend Turning an innovation into an actual product or device is exciting, but also involves a lot of work. Building the first prototype, setting up production lines, figuring out the best go-to-market plan… and testing – the step that is usually forgotten and causes the most pain in the neck. The road is full of tends if not hundreds of surprises, worries and problems that need to be solved. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: an outsourced test manager!

Each new hardware product which is brought to the market must always meet regulatory requirements. There are specific requirements for the EU just as there are distinct requirements for the US market.

Taking these requirements into account as early as possible in the design phase is highly important as redesigns are always expensive and may cause severe delays. To ensure good quality, also functional performance tests must be completed.  

Expertise in the tests required as well as knowledge of the availability of laboratories performing such tests is critical for the successful launch of any given product. Project managers typically hold responsibility for all these steps, but too often they are short on time as other priorities demand their full attention.

This is where Etteplan’s hardware test managers come in.

“Our test managers help project managers with everything related to product verification: they make sure that each product has a compliancy plan and conforms to regulatory requirements. They keep their eye on the deadlines and alert the project managers when it’s time to book lab tests. They will also look after the documentation, including technical construction files, keeping everything up to date for international type approval,” says Etteplan’s Head of Product Verification Timo Kallinen.

While Etteplan’s test managers assure everything happens in good time and according to standards, the project manager has more time to focus on critical issues. Outsourced test managers also bring more flexibility, which leads to better results.

“In the beginning of each project, the test manager usually has a lot of work to do, but then things typically slow down for a while. Etteplan’s test managers, however, are only paid by the hour, which makes them highly cost-efficient for the client. When the project starts to speed up again, the test manager will be promptly back on track to help the project manager achieve early product validation.”

Large Network of Experts Ready to Assist

Etteplan employs a large network of specialists and niche experts, who possess excellent knowledge of a variety of apps and products. Through test managers, they are always available for assistance and will consequently increase work-efficiency in verification processes to an entirely new level.

“Whenever a question emerges, whether it’s related to batteries or product safety, we can turn to one of our experts. This way, instead of employing an in-house generalist who will spend days or weeks looking for solutions, the client will get the right answer from us immediately.”

Since regulatory requirements always demand plenty of organizing and scheduling, any company, large or small, can benefit from an outsourced test manager.

“Even the largest companies often leave testing to the last minute, which raises market access costs significantly. No matter the needs, Etteplan has all the laboratories and networks required for cost-efficient and well-timed new product launches,” says Kallinen.

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