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Etteplan is preparing climate plans for the municipalities of Myrskylä, Lapinjärvi, and Pukkila

Press release – Published: 15.04.2024 15:15:00

ETTEPLAN OYJ, Press release, April 15, 2024 at 3.15 p.m. (EEST)

Etteplan is preparing climate plans for the municipalities of Myrskylä, Lapinjärvi, and Pukkila

The municipalities are utilizing regional cooperation to develop climate plans in accordance with the climate act. The goal of these plans is to support the municipalities and residents in their climate work and the implementation of concrete actions. The municipalities have chosen Etteplan as their partner in this collaboration.

Collaboration between the municipalities and residents will have positive effects on the development of the municipalities, the residents’ health and well-being, as well as the opportunities for local businesses to succeed. The climate plans will address the current state of climate work in the municipalities, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as goals and measures for reducing emissions.

“Assessing the impacts of actions and engaging stakeholders are important parts of developing a climate plan. We began our work in February 2024 by mapping the current situation. Through scenario work, we can support the setting of climate goals and identify measures for reducing emissions. The climate plans, to be completed in October, will support the systematic and concrete climate work of the municipalities of Myrskylä, Lapinjärvi, and Pukkila, ” says Maija Mattinen-Yuryev, the project secretary at Etteplan.

Etteplan is responsible for developing the climate plans in collaboration with the Finnish Environment Institute. The project is funded by the Ministry of the Environment. Residents are encouraged to actively participate in the project through a resident survey and open stakeholder events.

Climate plans as part of responsible municipality operations

Municipal climate plans, in accordance with the climate act, must include, among other things, greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and and actions to be taken to reduce emissions. Furthermore, the implementation of the plan must be monitored and considered in the municipality’s strategy and annual report.

“It’s great that the work on climate plans is now underway. Developing a climate plan supports the systematic and long-term nature of the municipality’s climate work, ” says Jarkko Sorvanto, the municipal director of Lapinjärvi.

“Pukkila is participating in this work because it wants to gain a better understanding of climate issues in order to have a positive impact on them, ” says Ilkka Fritius, Administrative director of Pukkila municipality.

Etteplan helps its customers promote green transition

Etteplan’s green transition services provide sustainable development solutions to municipalities and businesses. Etteplan helps its customers to increase their understanding of the environmental impact of their operations, and strengthens the opportunities to manage and reduce them. Leveraging the strong methodological expertise and experience, Etteplan’s experts guide municipalities and businesses in developing their operations towards a more sustainable direction. Etteplan’s experts have conducted emission calculations and developed climate plans for municipalities. The service offering also includes carbon footprint assessments, comprehensive life cycle assessments, training, and expert solutions for waste management services.

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Maija Mattinen-Yuryev, Project secretary, Etteplan, tel. +358 41 731 7991,
Axel Malén, Communications secretary, Lapinjärvi,
Ilkka Fritius, Administrative director, Pukkila, tel. +358 40 841 4147,
Timo Krigsman, Tecnical director, Myrskylä, tel. +358 405244147