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Anna Höyer: From consultant to manager through unique career opportunities

You’ve probably heard about our career possibilities at Etteplan, how many different paths there are and how our supportive managers will help you achieve your goals, maybe some goals you haven’t even thought of yet. At least that was the case for Anna Höyer, our Area manager in Sundsvall, Sweden. But that’s not where her story started, that was a little further south at our office in Lund. 

Anna was a consultant in Lund when she was planning to move to Sundsvall with her family. She went to her manager, thinking she would need to find a new job. But the manager saw no reason for Anna to quit just because she was moving. She was already working remote so she could just as well continue her work at another place.
As time went by, ideas about setting up an office in Sundsvall grew. At first, Anna found it a little difficult to think of herself as a typical manager. After some encouraging and supportive words from her manager and the management team, Anna decided to take a leap of faith and started her new assignment that entailed everything from building a new network, researching different companies and potential customers and she even started recruiting. 

Anna's journey is a good example of our career opportunities at Etteplan. There was nothing standing in the way of following her family's plans, but rather opportunities to previously unimagined career paths. Paths that not even Anna herself had thought possible. This is something that she to this day tries to bring into her own leadership. Anna is a strong believer that there are always new opportunities to find and paths to take. You don’t always have to change your employer to get some variation and new experiences in your career, especially not if you’re a consultant. In a company like Etteplan the opportunities are endless, not even your location will prevent you from growing into your best potential. 

“The most enjoyable part of my leadership role is to see other people grow, to help them get where they want to be and to be able to be part of that journey”