Cyber security services

Cyber Security Services

The security of embedded devices is crucial to your business. A holistic understanding of the embedded device development process is needed in order to ensure end-to-end embedded security. Together with Etteplan, you can bring cyber security to be a part of your embedded development from the very beginning. Digitalization and regulations increase risks for connected device manufacturers especially in terms of product liability. To mitigate these risks Etteplan’s experts will help you to create a device based on globally acknowledged security standards, such as IEC62443-4-series.  

Key Benefits
Security experts specialized in embedded systems design and testing
Know-how on industrial processes and embedded devices
A comprehensive lifecycle approach to embedded security
Expertise in embedded device security standards
Partner network for secure components, platforms and certifications

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Secure embedded development - guidebook

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Secure embedded development - guidebook

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Secure embedded development - guidebook

Security lifecycle design with industrial process know-how 

Etteplan has the capability to design secure embedded systems as we combine our expertise in cyber security with in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and embedded devices. By understanding our customers’ operating environment and long-term needs we can provide expert solutions for secure development of devices. Moreover, our know-how will help you ensure security for the whole lifecycle of a product, identify security vulnerabilities in existing products and limit possible implications without forgetting the importance of understanding the social aspects of security i.e. users and privacy.  

Our approach is called Security Lifecycle Design where we start by mapping your technical needs for optimal solution while looking at the whole device lifecycle. By conducting an end-to-end review of your existing embedded devices’ security infrastructure such as HW, SW, mech and IoT infrastructure, we can identify the needed security aspects and challenges with threat modelling. In other words, we help you through the entire security lifecycle of your device. 

Create a device based on security standards such as IEC 62443 

Cyber security of Operational Technology devices is becoming a regulatory requirement in EU, USA and other main markets, moving towards harmonized security standards. The understanding of the security requirements related to industrial and medical devices, helps our experts to take them into account in embedded system design, hardware selection, software development, security testing, mass-manufacturing and life-cycle maintenance. We’re the partner that is up to date on security regulations and standard developments, and will deliver you the latest information on applicable security requirements.  

Security requirements for devices include technical and organizational measures, affecting both system design and the product development process. In many industry verticals, IEC 62443 standards have been selected either as consensus security standards or basis for industry specific security standards (e.g. industrial, medical, rail, automotive, etc). Etteplan offers device creation projects considering the requirements of IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 standards for embedded systems/industrial control system components.  

In addition to compliance with purchasing and regulatory requirements, we can also help you keep your intellectual property, and your installed base of devices secure over their life cycle by component selection and penetration testing. 

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Etteplan Cyber Security Services cover:

  • Security compliance strategy – identification of applicable security requirements from relevant standards and regulations in target markets. Special expertise in radio, industrial and medical devices. 
  • Threat modeling – identification of additional security requirements based on device use case and potential threats/attackers 
  • Security requirements specification – definition of technical and organizational security requirements for device creation, based on security compliance strategy and threat model  
  • Secure by design – system architecture design with right hardware and software components, for hardware-based security and appropriate security level 
  • Secure implementation – coding guidelines and security review 
  • Security verification and validation testing – functional testing, security requirements verification, fuzzing, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, integration of testing tools into CI pipeline 
  • Management of security related issues – tracking & analyzing new vulnerabilities, life cycle maintenance, security update deliveries 
  • Security technical documentation – creation and maintenance of all technical documentation related to installing, using and maintaining a device securely  
  • Security testing & DevSecOps services – Security needs  taken into account during whole product lifecycle, from the beginning of the development to the maintenance phase, supported by automated CS testing.


Etteplan is the biggest engineering service provider of embedded devices in Nordics and we work only with the best and most trustworthy partners. We co-operate with ARM and silicon vendors in secure device hardware and software architecture design, with CertX in accredited security certifications of devices, with F-secure as a reseller, and with Pelion in Device and Connectivity Management platforms for secure provisioning and firmware updates. 


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Secure embedded development - guidebook

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