Cyber security services

Cyber Security Services

Cyber security is crucial for embedded products. And we have the know-how and understanding of the underlying systems and possible vulnerabilities. Together with Etteplan you can ensure your connected machines are secure - you can get a complete audit and analysis from our team of industrial cyber security professionals.

Key Benefits
Test automation and cyber security experts specialized in embedded systems
Understanding of how changes in standards affect product design
Support from over 700 industrial cyber security professionals

It's time to link cyber security and industrial machines

The need for cyber security in the context of industrial systems is raising its head. As industrial machines are now connected to networks, the threat of malice is increasingly relevant.

Older protocols, such as CAN and Modbus, have numerous identified vulnerabilities. Having this in mind, poorly designed industrial control systems can have a route through which they can be overtaken. Moreover, only password based authentication to programmed logics will give free access to systems when hacked. And as a cyber security company, this is where Etteplan comes to help.

Secured Connected Devices and Systems

As we also handle the design of connected devices for industrial systems, we understand the threats related to IoT cyber security. Testing of embedded systems or IoT devices for cyber security starts from the notion that all systems can be hacked with enough time. Therefore it's important how the software architecture is built i.e. is everything open after passing the first tier security step. 

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Etteplan Cyber Security Services cover:

  • Threat modeling - get the overall security status/architectural risk analysis
  • Vulnerability scanning - one-off status scans which can be delivered as continuous service for systematic vulnerability detection with recommendations
  • Fuzz testing - Best possible tool selected for the purpose. Can be implemented as part of continuous testing pipeline
  • Gap Analysis  - current state analysis compared to regulations. Specialty in medical and industrial regulations.
  • DevSecOps - security aspect integrated to software development. Starts with Threat modeling workshop to create relevant user stories.

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Future cyber security standards leading the way

Many trade standards and laws require to prepare for cyber security. For example, FDA has published its guidelines on the topic. Etteplan has the experts to deliver Gap Analysis comparing current state to the level required by the standards and legislation and give recommendations for future actions.

The team

Being a cyber security company, we have security oriented QA specialists with skills and experience in penetration testing, including web systems. You will have a team that has wide experience in embedded systems and networks, including medical devices. We also have reverse engineers e.g. for auditing IPR protection. 

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