Meet your colleagues

At Etteplan you will be working with over 3800 of the smartest technology specialists in 8 different countries, 3 different continents. Meet some of your colleagues!

Ruud van Tiel Career highlight
"Having found a truly stimulating and supportive group of colleagues really makes the hassle of emigrating multiple times worth it."
Ruud van Tiel
Mechanical Design Engineer
Margo van Schaik Career story highlight
"My new colleagues were excited to meet me, hear about my background and what I liked about the field of engineering.”
Margo van Schaik
Structural Analysis Engineer
Aina Kosevic career story highlight
"Etteplan is always fast to get onboard new trends and to create a dynamic environment for their co-workers."
Aina Kosevic
Team Manager
Sami alakotila Career story highlight
"Getting on board a new project from the start helped me get to know my colleagues and how they work, it was easy to fit in."
Sami Alakotila
Junior Engineer
Peter career story
"Etteplan, with its diverse set of customers and with its focus on allowing the employees to shape their careers, seemed like the perfect place to be.”
Peter Herdenborg
Senior Software Engineer
"If you are interested in developing professionally and if you like challenges; it is very inspiring to work as a consultant at Etteplan. Here you have the opportunity to get the support you want to fulfill your career goals.”
Gunnar Prieditis
Sales & Project Manager
While making our customer’s content future proof, you can also build a secure future for yourself: Etteplan can give you many opportunities. Come and have a talk with us!
Technical Authors at Etteplan
What do they do?
“At Etteplan there is always room to learn new things and develop your skills. Our work culture is very open to new ideas, and it provides opportunities to develop yourself. If you are willing to grow, Etteplan supports you in the best possible way.” 
Dennis Rademaker
Technical Illustrator
“Do not be afraid of new tasks. If there are any problems or questions, all supervisors and colleagues will support you in a friendly and energetic way — just like they have done with me. It is better to ask too many questions than too few. At Etteplan knowledge is shared and passed on with pleasure.”
Sven Horstmann
Documentation Specialist
Etteplan Tessa Career story
“At Etteplan both employee and employer value each other’s time usage, which means I get to develop my expertise at work and in my hobbies.”
Tessa Kelder
Technical Documentation Specialist
Magda Software Designer
“I see the opportunities all around me. In the company, there are a lot of departments that are all working with different interesting projects and technologies.” 
Magda Urbanowicz
Software Designer
The reason I chose to work at Etteplan was because of the good atmosphere and because the people here were really easy to talk to and to communicate with.
Yrsa Lifvergren
Front-end Developer
Etteplan Pontus Sunnergren
When playing games together, people can get a better understanding of their teammates and their skills while at the same time improving social ability, building up teamwork, reduce stress and of course to see what their winning mentality really is like.
Pontus Sunnergren
Embedded Engineer
Career story highlight Barbara
I was given an opportunity to work in an international team of experienced experts. Diving into the depths of technical authoring is a fascinating journey.
Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska
Documentation Specialist
Etteplan Stella Latifi
It feels like I have worked here for years, even though I’ve only been here for a couple of months!
Stella Latifi
Team Manager
Etteplan careers Johan Karlsson
“Another thing that I really like about working at Etteplan is that technology is often a big part of what I do – similarly to my spare time.”
Johan Karlsson
Test Engineer
Mika Laurila
“I’ve always gotten into a new team and new roles quickly. The team members have been very helpful and shared information openly. In that sense, it has not bothered me that the tasks have varied. In fact, variety has been one of the best things about my job.”
Mika Laurila
Chief Software Engineer
Etteplan Olga Natsarenus
“Etteplan is the place to be if you want to be in the front row of influencing which clients we are working with, which technologies we should prioritize as well as to be a pioneer of highly growing Cloud and Applications branch at Etteplan.” 
Olga Natsarenus
Department Manager Cloud & Applications
Hanna Remula career story leadership
“It has been great to see how I have been able to create my career path in Etteplan based on my own interests during the years.” 
Hanna Remula
Design Strategist, Global Service Design Competence Group Leader
Anni Janger Leadership career
“We have a lot of good people here – I think it is very important that people care about what you want to do and what you want to say, how you feel about things, what you want to achieve.”
Anni Janger
Project Manager and Project Leadership and Management Competence Group Leader