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You are appreciated a lot and have the opportunity to prove yourself

Jens Struckmann, Group Manager

Are you interested in technology and looking for a challenging career? Consider becoming a technical writer. "This field offers the opportunity to be involved in the latest developments and technological innovations without needing to be an engineer yourself. At Etteplan, you can fully express your passion for technology!"

Patrick Thonies, Technical writer

I am proud to work for this global company that has a focus on growth, professional expertise, and quality. Never a dull moment!

Milja Booij Liewers, Senior Technical Information Specialist

Being able to roam the exhibition hall as an avatar using VR was exciting and made me experience once again WHAT technical documentation is all about and how much fun it can be!

Astrid Stolberg, Project Manager

Etteplan is always fast to get onboard new trends and to create a dynamic environment for their co-workers.

Aina Kosevic, Team Manager

I was given an opportunity to work in an international team of experienced experts. Diving into the depths of technical authoring is a fascinating journey.

Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska, Documentation Specialist