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Both for me personally and for Etteplan, it is crucial to promote the role of digital technology in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Yanick Meunier, Marketing Director

“The brand renewal is a journey of change that paves the way toward a revitalized Etteplan.“

Outi Torniainen, SVP, Marketing and Communications

The world is our workplace, offering a dynamic journey toward a truly global career.

Arttu Kalliovalkama, Jari-Pekka Mielonen, Tero Hämeenaho, Outi Torniainen

I think the best way to describe the culture at Etteplan is low hierarchy and open communication. I really appreciate the ability to easily connect with anyone in the company and receive thoughtful responses.

Maija Hakuli, Department Manager

I remember when I tried it out for the first time, I was immediately in love with it.

Sanne de Laat, Technical Illustrator

I have to say, at first, I was teaching Charlie – now I am learning from him.

Eric & Charlie Nettekoven, Technical Illustrator & 3D Visualisation and Animation Specialist

Our attitude is that we don’t just focus on one aspect of a solution, instead we can handle the entirety of a complex project. You get a great overall view of hydraulics engineering, which isn’t a given in many places.

Ville Männistö and Niklas Malmström, Hydraulic engineers

I strongly believe in learning and sharing knowledge within the team because that makes it possible to offer cutting-edge solutions to the industry.

Stella Latifi, Team Manager

I’ve always wanted to work for a company that really values people, society, and the planet. I feel that I 100% can vouch for Etteplan and I am proud to work here with so many smart and amazing colleagues. Etteplan really makes the world a better place, so it is not for nothing that our motto is ‘Engineering with a difference’,

Ambjörn and Anna Schiemann, Software Engineer & HR Specialist