Our attitude is that we don’t just focus on one aspect of a solution, instead we can handle the entirety of a complex project. You get a great overall view of hydraulics engineering, which isn’t a given in many places.

Ville Männistö and Niklas Malmström, Hydraulic engineers

I strongly believe in learning and sharing knowledge within the team because that makes it possible to offer cutting-edge solutions to the industry.

Stella Latifi, Team Manager

I’ve always wanted to work for a company that really values people, society, and the planet. I feel that I 100% can vouch for Etteplan and I am proud to work here with so many smart and amazing colleagues. Etteplan really makes the world a better place, so it is not for nothing that our motto is ‘Engineering with a difference’,

Ambjörn and Anna Schiemann, Software Engineer & HR Specialist

Increasing our customer understanding has helped us develop our offering more broadly. We can better identify the customer’s business processes to which Etteplan’s offering and service solutions can respond. Our solutions innovatively combine for example industrial digitalization and our software and maintenance capabilities. We believe that this will bring us towards new, broader and more global customer relationships.

Petri Ikonen, SVP, Solutions & Technologies