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Software and embedded systems

I still remember the recruitment interview with Daniel. I can't believe it was ten years ago.

Tadeusz Jurkiewicz and Szymon Bigos, Software Specialists

It's not only different projects within the scope of one specialty, but, as my example shows, you also try different departments (industries).

Albert Kołakowski, Software Design Engineer

It has been a flying start – I have been running around to client offices and participating in a couple of project initiations and getting to know the environment.

Antti Kovanto, Senior Software Test Engineer

The best thing about my work is that while I serve our customers, at the same time I also get to be part of the development of society.

Jacob Mourad, Software Engineer

Everyone is committed to helping each other, no matter how simple or complex the issue is I can always ask my colleagues for help.

Jacob Bergvall, Team Leader and Project Manager