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It started with transitioning from the role of a Mechanical Engineer to an entirely different area of work. It wasn’t easy, but through determination and a willingness to learn, I gained valuable experience.

Paweł Bandoła, Project Engineer

I was curious about the world and wanted to work in a global company

Valeryi Parkouski, Senior Hardware Design Engineer

Each project requires understanding the specifics of the industry and adapting to different factors. Thanks to this diversity, I expanded the scope of my skills.

Marek Balcerzak, Hardware Design Engineer

One of my colleagues said; ‘you just get all the strange projects, don’t you?’, and I think I might, but I really enjoy it.

Walter Westerdahl, Mechanical Engineer

I want to be able to manage my time as much as possible to be able to find a good balance between work responsibilities, free time activities and my social life.

Hongdi Wang, Senior Engineer

I think it’s inspiring that our customer chose to build a whole machine themselves. I’ve learned so much and I really like to see companies who dare to make these kinds of investments.

Hannes Olsson, Mechanical Engineer

The most enjoyable part of my leadership role is to see other people grow, to help them get where they want to be and to be able to be part of that journey

Anna Höyer, Area Manager

I have been able to do some work with new technologies, new processors, displays, cameras, some software and hardware mechanics – All around electronics and product development.

Antti Varis, Senior Electronics Design Engineer

Having found a truly stimulating and supportive group of colleagues really makes the hassle of emigrating multiple times worth it.

Ruud van Tiel, Mechanical Design Engineer