Mechanical Engineer Fisnik Fernebrand Behrama

Fisnik Fernebrand Behramaj: Great customer service helps us reach mutual goals

Fisnik Fernebrand Behramaj works as a Mechanical Engineer at the MedTech Office in Halmstad, Sweden. He describes himself as a person that likes to be “hands on” and also believes that all challenges have a solution. He is passionate about technology and enjoys being a part of Etteplan where he is able to be a part of a wide variety of projects.  

Fisnik thinks that it is important to make use of what he learned at the university, which he is able to do at Etteplan. A degree in Mechatronics Engineering included  anything from writing software and doing calculations to designing mechanical solutions.  

The most inspiring project that Fisnik has been a part of at Etteplan was where him and his colleagues were developing a product that most likely will save lives.

“What I do today, will most likely save someone’s life in the future. I’ve never been in a development project where the goal is to develop a medical device that has the purpose of saving life’s, but now I am, and the feeling of being in a project like this cannot be described. I have an opportunity to do something great, for someone else”.  

Fisnik is also in the process of personal development through an internal course which gives him new insights when it comes to medical devices and project management for medical devices. He started his carrier as a Mechanical Engineer designing flow through heaters for the automotive industry and heat pump segment, and has during the years been the first contact person for the customers and suppliers. This interest in user satisfaction and helping others has brought forth another big interest for Fisnik, customer service. 

“I believe we have to handle all people with a positive approach, especially customers. When a customer is satisfied, our management and myself are satisfied too.”

 He enjoys being close to his customers, giving them the help and support that they need and always tries to make sure that he gets back to his customers as fast as possible when they reach out because he knows that he himself values a good customer service. “There should be no doubt about us being the best supplier for the customer. If not, they may decide to look for another supplier that gives them the help and support that they need. There is great worth in a good customer service, and the effort for achieving it is so small.”.   

Fisnik believes that it is important that we as a supplier are in understanding with the customer that when doing a project, we do it together. This way we will reach the mutual goal, a product that has high quality and works as intended for many years. His main goal is to have a happy customer, and Fisnik’s secret weapon? Not being afraid! Fisnik is a strong believer in that if you want something done, you have to challenge and push yourself towards the goal.

“If we fail, we fail together. Retry again tomorrow.” 

When Fisnik is not at work, he likes to spend his time with his family and staying active. Fisnik believes that he has a good balance between his work life and his personal life. He explains how his manager actively works with her team members keeping their inner peace and work balance, especially now that Fisnik has become a father for the second time! “What a manager says and does is very important to me, for example, this one time my manager told me that the most important thing for me should be my family, and I’m not used to managers seeing it from that perspective”. This makes Fisnik feel like he is valued and appreciated at Etteplan and that the managements main priority is a healthy and happy staff.