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Etteplan helped scaling Q Power’s production capacity

Q Power is an innovative Finnish company that specializes in power-to-x deliveries, offering cost-effective and highly efficient technologies for producing synthetic fuels to replace fossil fuels. Q Power’s patented technologies are designed to enable companies to transition towards a fossil-free and self-sufficient energy system, while decreasing their CO2 emissions. With a goal of providing 500 MW of production capacity for renewable synthetic fuels annually by the end of the decade, Q Power is fighting against climate change.

Q Power has developed a unique and the most efficient methanation technology on the market, where renewable methane is produced from hydrogen and carbon dioxide in bioreactors. Q Power is implementing its first industrial scale production plant, and Etteplan was chosen as a design partner to develop processes related to the manufacture of reactor technologies.

The pre-survey phase, that was carried out so far, focused on developing a layout for the process and mapping equipment suppliers. Etteplan has valuable knowledge of equipment manufacturers and industrial design experience, which is why it was selected Q Power’s partner.

”From the discussions with Etteplan and the solutions they presented, I got the feeling that we are on the same wavelength. It strengthened the idea that the project will succeed and be finished."

Anni Alitalo

R&D Director at Q Power

The pre-survey made it possible to move to the implementation phase of the line

Through preliminary planning, Q Power found out who could supply the hardware, what its total costs are and where, for example, different technology parts can be commissioned. Also, the overall picture in terms of costs and production schedule was outlined for Q Power. Next, the project will proceed to the detail phase, i.e. the implementation of the line in practice.

“Etteplan's strength is its solid design know-how, which was useful in this project," says Anni.

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