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LCA and carbon footprint studies made it easier to set goals for the development of own operations

Forcit is a Nordic operator with comprehensive knowledge about blasting, charging services and related environmental impact management, as well as Insensitive Munitions technology globally. FORCIT has been building its expertise since 1893 and the head office is located in Hanko.

Oy Forcit Ab wanted to find out the climate change impact of its own operations and identify the environmental performance of the products it manufactures. In order to find out, organizational carbon footprint calculation was carried out for Forcit. With the calculation it was possible to identify the global warming effect (i.e. carbon footprint) caused by the entire company and its value chain on an annual basis, as well as the factors affecting it. Mapping the starting point made it easier for Forcit to set goals for improving the operations and monitoring the effect of the actions from the perspective of carbon footprint caused by its operations. 

“We are much more aware of the situation regarding our carbon footprint than before, and we have also been able to communicate more effectively both internally and to our customers. Based on the results of LCA and carbon footprint studies, we have also planned emission-reducing actions with different priorities."

Veera Wiinamäki

Forcit’s Environmental Manager

Environmental product declarations (EPD) were also prepared for some of Forcit’s products. With preparing the EPDs, Forcit’s understanding and knowledge of the most environmentally relevant factors of their own products increased and they can discuss more effortlessly with their different stakeholders about the sustainability and environmental performance of their products. With EPD documents, the comparison of environmental impact of own products to similar competitor’s products is possible. 

Wiinamäki says, that the cooperation with Etteplan worked well. “The fact, that the same person has been the contact person with both EPDs and carbon footprint calculations, has  helped the processing of the information considerably. With Etteplan’s expertise, things were handled smoothly and we always got answers and further information commendably and quickly. All in all, we think that the cooperation went very well!” 

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