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Organizational carbon footprint calculation for Rudus Oy

Rudus Oy is a leading company for stone-based construction materials. Rudus offers services both consumers and companies. Rudus operates widely across Finland and it has a comprehensive network of concrete stations, aggregates and reception points of recyclable construction materials. Rudus is part of the globally operating Irish CRH group.

Rudus Oy is preparing a climate action roadmap and setting goals for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its operations. To support that work, we calculated the organisational footprint for Rudus. The calculation was carried out for the year 2019, which is working as a reference year for proportion, comparison and planning the upcoming emission reduction goals. Rudus intends to monitor the organisational carbon footprint and the changes in it in the future in order to verify its emission reduction actions. 

“In addition to the emission levels of our operations and supply chain, the calculation showed emission reduction potentials, with the help of which we have been able to determine efficient and effective activities to reduce our emissions as planned.”

Terhi Rauhamäki

Environmental manager of Rudus

All the offices and business activities in Finland, as well as the concrete manufacturing plant in Vyborg were included in the calculation. Both the emissions directly generated by Rudu’s own operations and emissions caused by its value chain oparetions were taken into account in the calculation. 

In addition to organisation carbon footprint, together with Rudus we identified the emission reduction activities as part of the preparation of the climate action roadmap and planning of the carbon neutrality goals. 

Rauhamäki comments on the progress of the project as successful. “We have been very satisfied with the calculation and the project related to it. Work progress has been clear, and it has met our expectations. The work was done flexibly listening to our wishes, and the quality of the work has been excellent. During the project, we have learned a lot about emission calculation and received valuable advice for the future.” 

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