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Cutting Costs and Streamlining Processes: 3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Adopt Model-Based Definition

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a technique that replaces traditional 2D drawings with 3D models, allowing for greater efficiency, accuracy, and clarity in the manufacturing process. With MBD, product information is conveyed through the 3D model rather than separate drawings, annotations, and specifications.

We interviewed Pekka Uski, Lead Engineer at Etteplan, on the benefits of MBD. Pekka has in depth knowledge about the subject through his research work and real-life implementation of the method.

“There are countless opportunities to take advantage of MBD, including in the manufacturing, process, aircraft, and defense industries. MBD isn’t tied to any specific manufacturing method, it only affects the information flow in the design process,” says Pekka.

Here are the three benefits to using Model-Based Definition:

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

One of the main advantages of MBD is its ability to improve efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing process. With traditional 2D drawings, manufacturers must refer to multiple documents to understand the product specifications, leading to potential errors and delays. MBD eliminates the need for separate drawings, annotations, and specifications, making it easier to understand and communicate product requirements.

By providing all the necessary information in a single 3D model, MBD reduces the risk of misinterpretation and errors. Additionally, changes can be made directly to the model, with automatic updates to all related documentation, resulting in significant time savings and greater accuracy.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Another benefit of MBD is improved communication and collaboration between stakeholders. With traditional 2D drawings, communication can be challenging, as different parties may interpret the information differently. MBD provides a clear and unambiguous representation of the product, making it easier to communicate and collaborate across different departments and organizations.

MBD also allows for greater collaboration during the design phase. With all the necessary information included in the 3D model, engineers and designers can work together more effectively, reducing the time and resources needed for design iterations.

Additionally, machine-readable 3D annotation enables data (tolerances, surface qualities, materials) to be transferred automatically from one system to another. For example, GPS tolerances set by the designer are automatically transferred to CAM programming or measuring machine programming. This achieves significant savings in the programming time of machine paths.

Cost and Time Savings

MBD can also lead to cost savings in the manufacturing process. By reducing the need for multiple documents and drawings, MBD streamlines the process, reducing the time and resources required for manufacturing. Additionally, the accuracy and clarity of the 3D model reduce the likelihood of errors and rework, saving both time and money.

MBD also allows for greater automation in the manufacturing process. With all the necessary information included in the 3D model, manufacturing processes can be automated, reducing the need for manual intervention and the associated costs.

In conclusion, Model-Based Definition offers significant benefits to manufacturers, including enhanced efficiency and accuracy, improved communication and collaboration, and cost savings. With the adoption of MBD, manufacturers can streamline their processes, reduce errors and rework, and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, MBD is becoming an increasingly important tool for improving productivity and reducing costs.

“A Model Based Enterprise should be the end goal for implementing MBD. This entails a seamless information flow between systems. MBD is the best place to start!”, concludes Pekka.

Looking to implement MBD in your design and manufacturing process? Don’t hesitate to contact us for support!