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Assembly Optimization

Etteplan Supports LiNA Medical in Production Improvement in Poland

LiNA Medical, a Danish company specialized in innovative medical devices, recently collaborated with the Etteplan team in the Netherlands and Poland to optimize production at their Polish factory at Poznań. It was a fruitful partnership that yielded valuable insights.

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Additive Manufacturing

Senop harnesses additive manufacturing for developing a unique solution

Senop, a trusted provider of advanced optonics and critical communication solutions for the defence and industrial markets, was seeking a solution for a transportation fastening device that would prevent component movement during repeated transports. Etteplan, leveraging additive manufacturing expertise, utilized the laser powder bed fusion method to create a solution. Additive manufacturing allowed for cost-effective production and added value for end-users.

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Carbon Footprint Calculation

The corporate carbon footprint calculation and climate roadmap help VEO achieve its climate goals

VEO offers electrification and automation solutions for its customers. A large part of the company’s revenue comes from renewable energy solutions. VEO’s headquarters is in Vaasa, Finland and the company also has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, and the UK. VEO Group has 500 employees.

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Additive Manufacturing

UPCAST® enhances cooling performance of copper rod drawing machine with AM technology

UPCAST® is the leading supplier of upward continuous casting technology for a wide range of non-ferrous applications. UPCAST® casting lines are reliable and cost effective, and the process allows you to cast different rod or tube sizes simultaneously.

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Embedded Software Development

Etteplan contributes to optimizing MLD’s advanced trawl doors

MLD Trawl Steering System is a leader in the fishing industry with advanced robotic technology for trawlers − a position that requires continuous work on innovation, optimization, and further development of the company’s technologies. For several years, Etteplan Denmark has been a partner in developing and testing advanced software and hardware for MLD.

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Production Testers and Measurement Solutions

Automated testing line ensures safer and higher-quality testing for Sulzer

Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering, with two centuries of experience developing innovative products and services that drive sustainable progress – and help Sulzer’s customers build a better world. Sulzer’s customers benefit from the company’s commitment to innovation, performance, quality and from their responsive network of 180 world-class manufacturing facilities and service centers across the globe. Sulzer’s business is divided into three divisions: Flow Equipment, Services and Chemtech.

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Application and Mobile Development 

Efficient Transportation Management and User-Friendly Booking with BusU Service

Länsilinjat Oy, founded in 1939, offers charter rides, ExpressBus, local, rural, contract and service bus traffic. Länsilinjat has 320 drivers and around 160 cars. Länsilinjat belongs to the international GPN network covering almost 30 countries, as well as the Charter Finland cooperation group operating in Finland. Länsilinjat is a family business managed by the Penttilä family in the third generation. The group employs 350 employees. In 2022, the turnover of Länsilinjat group was 29 million. EUR, of which Länsilinjat OY‘s share was EUR 26 million euro.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Forchem found out the environmental performance of its products

Forchem is a pioneer in the research and development of crude tall oil, creating CTO-based products for various industrial processes. CTO is a natural and sustainable alternative to non-renewable raw materials. It is generated from pine trees through the kraft pulping process, after which it is refined and upgraded in our biorefinery in Rauma. The refined crude tall oil products are used as raw materials in paints, coatings and printing inks.

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