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Meet your colleagues

At Etteplan you will be working with over 4000 of the smartest technology specialists in 8 different countries, 3 different continents. Meet some of your colleagues!

Meet your colleagues

Highlights of the year: How we worked smarter together

Solving complex challenges and moving toward the world we want to see takes more than solitary heroes; it demands a collective effort. That's why we at Etteplan take great pride in working smarter together.

Meet your colleagues

Valeryi Parkouski: Building a global career

"There are many very positive people here who support each other and are willing to cooperate together. People are the greatest asset of this company."

Meet your colleagues

The world is our workplace, offering a dynamic journey toward a truly global career.

Arttu Kalliovalkama, Jari-Pekka Mielonen, Tero Hämeenaho, Outi Torniainen

I was curious about the world and wanted to work in a global company

Valeryi Parkouski, Senior Hardware Design Engineer

Each project requires understanding the specifics of the industry and adapting to different factors. Thanks to this diversity, I expanded the scope of my skills.

Marek Balcerzak, Hardware Design Engineer

One of my colleagues said; ‘you just get all the strange projects, don’t you?’, and I think I might, but I really enjoy it.

Walter Westerdahl, Mechanical Engineer

I still remember the recruitment interview with Daniel. I can't believe it was ten years ago.

Tadeusz Jurkiewicz and Szymon Bigos, Software Specialists

I want to be able to manage my time as much as possible to be able to find a good balance between work responsibilities, free time activities and my social life.

Hongdi Wang, Senior Engineer